Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hockey/ Mid-Week Blues

Practicing on an outdoor rink

What could be more Canadian than hitting a puck around to burn off some energy?

Lunchtime break

To see more photos featuring the colour BLUE, visit Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar by clicking  Midweek Blues.


Kathy said...

Fascinating. Something I've never seen having only lived in warmer climes!

jabblog said...

It must be so invigorating! At least during a lunchtime break they don't have to spend 15 minutes putting on all the gear ;-)

Jacob said...

Good job! Nice action shots.

Hitting a puck around is also a Minnesota activity...we'd play for hours on frozen ponds when I was a kid.

Today, I prefer sunshine and golf! :-) (For the old bones, dontcha know?)

Dianne said...

wonderful action shots
A favorite comedian of mine jokes that hockey is the only thing that can stop Canadians from being polite and friendly ;)

Carol said...

Fun shots of these kids playing hockey. My son played hockey in school and had alot of Canadian friends who also played hockey for the school. I was always kind of tense watching the games.....

Martha in PA said...

I (yes, me, a girl) used to love to play hockey on the pond behind our house. We were watching some kids the other day on an outside rink, and it too brought back memories!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca said...

I think that looks like fun and I wish we had more of that around here!

PS. My PC is back and working! :)

kaye said...

how fun! I love how you caught the action.

Carletta said...

He looks like a contender. :)

My new lens is a 50mm.

Cezar and Léia said...

Nice captures on the move!
I'd have a long way to go... First, how to ice skate? Then, how handle the bat? Finally, how to hit anything which is not only ice and which is not one of the colleagues?!
God bless you!

fredamans said...


I am Canadian.

Jim said...

That looks like fun there, Ms. TG. :) Hockey is big in Canada but we have a pretty good professional team here. The Houston Aeros.

Our skaters don't have ice and snow outside but we have ice skating rinks in our malls.
Houston Galleria Mall skating rink

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